Flip: An EROS Now Web Series



An effort to make you shocked and surprised in the same time by ErosNow

Flip an Eros Now web series is just one of the a kind of the story writing written by the authors. Having 4 episodes each written by other story writers but the picking of Actors for their web series the dialogues they are just tremendous.

I might be biased on how sacred games and Mirzapur has got attention because of the better web streaming platform but if Eros Now would have promoted it a bit, it could have be a start for their web series platform.

There was not even a single part where it felt like what i am watching is waste of time, you will expect something and a total opposite thing will happen.

The first episode was a bit similar to West worlds having a simulated artificial world but what Flip did is they just Flipped it to having artificial world but having real deaths catching criminal and mentally depressed peoples and bringing them to the Hunting zone and place them as survivals whom the visitors gonna Haunt.

The Second episode is a guy having depression about he is not full filing his wife’s needs he has lost his confidence because of what happened to him in his college days. He was ragged by college students and left him hanging till the time everyone sees him naked, trying to be a better, self confident person again he lost his mind and forgot who actually did to him he broke someone else car thinking he is the one, later releasing he beats the real person.

I would say the other episodes i keep homework for you.

Lets hope ErosNow to bring more great contents and survive in the game of web series.

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