The famous web series loved by people’s Game of Thrones, the most awaited series again failed to keep their series secure, The Amazon Prime Germany leaked the Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 2 on there platform making a huge loss to other platforms.

The Cause of this leak promoted the pirated release of the episode even before the release.The HBO should have taken more care for this time as this is their another time when their episodes are getting leaked one by one.

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Episode available on Pirated platforms .

The Game of Thrones 8 has definitely brought with lot of suspense and excitement for its fans but it should also look for the partners they are being relying on. The excitement of its fans and the supporting of more platform is understandable but still it should concern them that the platform is capable enough to hold the responsibility or not.

Security is Just a myth


Leaving all this behind being a fan boy of Game of thrones just ignore the piracy and watch Game of thrones with full joy ❤️.

Because Winter is Coming.

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