General Chat

All chat is to go into the appropriate channel at all times. Any user who is consistently not using the correct channel, especially in a way that may disturb those attempting to use certain channels, may be removed from the channel and/or punished.

CAPS and Spam
  • Bypassing our CAPS filter and/or typing in all caps is not allowed.
  • Spam is not allowed. Repetitive words, letter, symbols that aren't used in their correct context, or many messages sent quickly are considered spam.
  • Advertising is strictly prohibited in our chat system for any kind of external product, Minecraft server, or anything else non-Generations Network related.
    • External products may be mentioned, so long as they are not being advertised. Other Minecraft servers may not be mentioned under any circumstance.
  • Any advertisement that is allowed on the server in any form (including, but not limited to, in-game related items/trades, store advertisements, or personal livestreams that are completely and only Generations Network related) must go into our Trade Channel, and must always abide by our trade channel rules for length and repetition.
Shouts and Lottery

  For Shouts:
  • No advertisement, touchy subject/discussions, special characters not used in their correct context, and languages other than English.
  • Only numbers, letters, basic symbols found on a standard keyboard may be used.
  • Shouts with the intent of causing other users to spam or spam another user in any way, such as requesting others to private message them, are not allowed.
  • Shouts disguised to look like server messages, private messages, balance payments, etc. are not allowed.
  • Most types of chat formatting are available for shouts. CAPS, in-game advertisements, and colors are completely allowed.
  For both Shouts and Lottery:
  • Spamming either shouts or lottery is allowed to an extent. Excessive use of either command which results in chat being hard to read may result in a warning or a kick from the Staff.
  • Occasional mild to moderate vulgarities that are not directed at anyone (such as "slip-ups" or saying them in the incorrect chat by accident), self-censorship of a swear word or abbreviations that may imply a swear word (eg. WTF?) are allowed unless it is directed at another user.
  • Repeated or excessive swearing, and especially vulgar language directed at anyone, is not tolerated under any circumstance. This includes anything put on signs, said in chat, written in books, renamed to on items, spelled out in blocks or any other way of communicating.
  • Racist language or prejudicial language of any sort falls under the vulgarity rule, and is considered a very serious offence which may result in a ban with no warnings given.
Inappropriate/Touchy Subjects and Discussions
  • Generations Network is a server community consisting of many age groups, religious groups, and political backgrounds. As such, there are many touchy subjects that we do not allow in our public channels in order to keep the peace and prevent arguments and flame wars from occurring.
  • All chat must be kept appropriate and clean at all times. There is to be no discussion of anything deemed inappropriate for a workplace, including, but not limited to, sexuality, excessive violence, racism, alcohol/drugs and inappropriate or dark humor.
  • This rule extends into subjects about illegal substances or actions, including recreational drugs.
  • Politics, religion and suicide are common “touchy subjects”, however they are not the only ones. If a discussion in chat turns inappropriate, uncivil or has become an argument or flame-war, Staff then have the right to ask you to discontinue a topic. If they do so you must drop the topic immediately.
    • The civil discussion of politics and other topics may be permitted in the VIP channel at the discretion of Staff.
  • Discussing a banned user's ban reason and why they were banned is not allowed, however simply mentioning a banned player's username is allowed.
  • Accusing other players of breaking any of the Server Rules is not allowed. Use the proper means to address these concerns such as speaking to a staff member or filing a complaint.
Trade Channel
  • All permitted in-game advertising must be in this channel.
  • Messages in this channel must:
    • Consist of one single message at a time.
    • Must be no more often than once per 5 minutes.
      • During off-peak and other periods where normal chat may be slow, it is solely at the online staff’s discretion how often your messages can be repeated.
  • All general chat rules apply in this channel.
  • You may not hold auctions in this channel. Please use the Automated Auction System in /ch auction to hold an auction.
    • You are allowed to announce an upcoming auction in this channel. You may only post 1 advertisement per auction.
  • All items sold in trade must be Generations Network related.
Auction Channel and Automated Auction System
  • You may only use the Automated Auction System to auction items. This means that you are not allowed to auction items using the auction chat channel manually.
    • The [Auc] chat channel is only to be used for discussing current auctions. Normal chat rules still apply.
  • You are allowed to announce auctions in the trade channel if you are planning on auctioning in the very immediate future. (Only 1 trade message per any auction, do not repeat yourself in /ch trade).
  • You are not allowed to abuse the Automated Auction System. This includes but is not limited to troll auctions and any other auctions deemed inappropriate by Staff.
    • Examples of such auctions are:
      • Multiple auctions for 1 dirt
      • Auctions with unrealistic start prices/increments
  • You may not repeat unsuccessful auctions numerous times with the same variables. This will be considered spamming/abusing the auction system.
  • Generations Network is an English speaking server.
  • You are required to speak English in all global chat channels, and whilst in the vicinity of spawn.
    • This includes areas that are anywhere within 400 blocks of spawn, as that is the range of local chat.
  • If you wish to play with a friend and speak other languages, that is fine in private chat channels, or in local chat that is not spawn. However, it must stay out of global chats.
  • Generations Network is a community where users should be helpful to one another.
  • Informing others of the rules is allowed and encouraged.
  • Telling or threatening others with the consequences of breaking the rules is considered mini-modding and is not allowed.
  • Please be wary about how you inform others of breaking the rules. Being demeaning, condescending or rude could come off as mild mini-modding as opposed to being helpful.
  • If the consequences need to be spelled out, please leave that to the staff online. As we deal with things on a case-by-case basis, it's impossible to know exactly what a staff member would actually do to a member breaking the rules, even if you can give a good guess.
Getting Help
If you need ANY sort of help, not pertaining to minecraft, quit the game and contact: Your issues will not be dealt with on this server.

 About Us

Generations Network is a newly created community with a lot of great things coming. We are looking to expand and meet new people. We are working hard to make our servers custom and unique in every way. Unlike some other communities this one was created with not just 1 person but with a team of people with great ideas and hard work.

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