Samsung Galaxy Fold being called off

A new report has been found out that Samsung is calling off all the review units of Samsung galaxy Fold from the influencers and Youtubers because of facing a major Screen issue. 

The Company Samsung didn’t provide any further report of the date or time of relaunching the Samsung Galaxy Fold. They are fixing the Warning labeling over the screen not to peel off the screen guard which is glued into the screen for better protection.

It feels like being nervous about being second to release a foldable phone in front of the audience, Samsung just rushed to be the one and did major mistakes which are now striking them back.

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Bye Bye Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Samsung is a Huge company with over 10,000 of employees working under then and one of the best company to make OLED display even for Company Like Apple. 

Even tho, they have done so many mistakes in past, the customers of Samsung will never leave them because of the Super AMOLED display and the new UI which Samsung has recently launched the One UI which is so smooth and utilized just for the customers experience and they have targetted their UI a better one hand operational friendly.

Huawei, on the other hand, pushing their new foldable phone trying to beat the Samsung folding phone in terms of the design.

Let’s see who wins the race. Bringing the World’s first foldable phone in our tech industry with all boxes check.

Samsung Galaxy Fold. Is it the Future?

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