Samsung has recently launched its new series of folding phones starting of a price tag of $2000. Samsung named the Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The phone looks stunning and marvelous at its point but is it worth paying $2000. For people who wanna experience the future maybe for them yes but is it also worth buying for ordinary people, of course, it has a beautiful display, A great camera but still. I would say it’s just not yet that much of a polished device which should cost worth of $2000.

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This futuristic clamshell can also run three apps on the screen at once. Now, this versatility does not come cheap, as the Galaxy Fold will start at close to $2,000. So what is the Galaxy Fold, who is it for, what are the specs and what can you do with it? Here’s everything you need to know and what to expect.

We been working on these prototype from past 8 Years


My thoughts on Samsung Galaxy Fold 2019 will definitely appreciate it for the software that ensures a seamless transition between the front and back screen, the moment you unfold the screen, the inner screen lights up instantly. It would have taken a lot of hard work to ensure that screen lights up as soon as it is unfolded. If you have any app open on one screen moving onto another screen will greet you with the same app open and also scrolled to the same position upon shifting screens it is a brilliant effort and very well done the implementation

Though every new technology has glitches it could be very well mentioned and warned in instructions to not peel the plastic covering because it is important for functionality. Else it is always a courageous move for any company to bring forth such a different product and take a risk.

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